Run to Catch Up with the Sun but its Sinking...

Random adventures of a girl born and raised in MPLS trying to find her place in this world. 23. You can call me Lisa . In love with my best friend.
Married 10/18/2013
Constantly suffering from wanderlust.

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If you dont know what yhis is you are missing out!

Izzie 😍

#tbt a year ago we were in DC and visited the 9/11 pentagon memorial


Best friend cuddles

Sky laying in her pool even though I havent put any water in it yet… 😂

Potato pancakes and potato broccoli cakes for dinner!

Two years ago wr brought Gunner home!

Sky got a new collar and bow for her birthday! Couldn’t let Gunno butt feel left out! 😍

My cuddle buddies…